Social & Emotional Learning


Social emotional learning is the cornerstone for student success. When a students and adults learn techniques to self-regulate and understand the neuroplasticity of the brain and how that effects student learning, they can truly excel. Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, affect both students and adults. Here is a link to the Iowa ACEs report: Healing Iowa.

One of our missions is to educate how to understand social, emotional, behavioral, and mental (brain) health and the impact it has on us all. The HEART of Saint Nation is a program to help students and staff understand how our brains work. It is imperative to understand that the greatest periods of brain growth are from the third trimester of pregnancy through age two. It is critical to read to our children, comfort them when they need it, and to truly assist them in all of their needs. The second greatest period is from fifth to eighth grade with the brain not fully maturing until around age 25! Understanding brain architecture and the neuroscience behind brain development is critical to help students "where they are!" We can assist students who may be struggling emotionally by understanding and teaching them how to self-regulate in order to enhance their learning at all levels. This is also true for all of us!

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