Melcher-Dallas Class of 22

On February 11, six M-D seniors competed at the Southeast Warren Academic Team Competition.  It was their first contest of this nature and they did very well, beating 12 veteran teams at the competition.  If you have ever wondered what kind of questions are asked at a high school knowledge bowl competition, here are a few from their contest!  (No googling:)

1.  The cephalothorax of a crayfish is covered by a piece of
exoskeleton. Name it.

2. There are five African countries which touch the Mediterranean Sea. Two are Egypt and Libya. Name the other three.

3.  Two similar triangles have perimeters of 164 and 205. One side of the smaller triangle has a length of 80. How long is the corresponding side of the larger triangle?

4. Six coins are tossed. In how many ways can they fall?

5. Grammatically speaking, determiners signal the approach of what part of speech?