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Welcome to the 2017 Season of Saints Football.  I designed this site to collect all information about the 2017 Melcher-Dallas Saints football season into one location for the players, parents and community to follow.  I have built lots of different areas for our website that maintains certain aspects of coaching a high school football team.  Please enjoy the site!
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Program Reflection:

This program is a reflection of the players that are a part of it.  There are certain aspects that I, as your coach, believe are essential to a successful program.  You must be disciplined.  Discipline is the key to the other aspects.  You must work hard.  Are you going to outwork your teammates?  You must eliminate: mistakes, penalties, and turnovers.  These will kill your effort.  You must have a positive team-oriented attitude.  And you must be able to take constructive criticism; this is called being coachable.  Also you must be able to hustle at all times.  I know a lot abut the words Attitude – Discipline – Conditioning.  It is now time for you to learn it.  ADC – step up and show it.  I believe in doing things right the first time.  When you are on the field, you are hustling everywhere you go.  Don’t be a walker on the field.  Play the game full speed, hard nosed, out to seek and destroy any and everybody, within the rules of the game.  Take pride in everything you do – do it the best you possibly can. 

Notes from IASHAA & Todd Tharp for the 2017 Season:

1.  ELIGIBILTY-    Please pay special attention to any student who was not on your roster last year and is new to your school this year.  Coaches, notify your athletic director as soon as possible to any new player so that eligibility may be determined.  Athletic Directors, contact our office if you have a question regarding a student's eligibility.  Just a reminder that a student who was living with one divorced parent last school year in another district and now is living with the other divorced parent in your district is probably not immediately eligible.  Also, a student living with someone else other than the parents who have been declared the "legal guardians" probably are not immediately eligible.  Coaches, relay this information to your athletic directors and athletic directors please, please contact us if you have questions.  We do not want any forfeitures due to using an ineligible player at the varsity level.  Does not matter if you used him one quarter or one play.

2.  SCHOLARSHIP RULE-  Again, please check the grading history of all your football players to make sure that none are in violation of the scholarship rule.  If football is the only sport they have participated in, you may need to go back and check grades from the previous grading periods (1ST SEMESTER OF THE 2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR) to make sure that no failing grades have occurred.  These students are not eligible to compete beginning on Thursday, August 17th and ending on Friday, September 15th. For those schools playing week 1 contests and have a scrimmage on the 18th against another opponent, these students are not eligible to compete in this scrimmage.   They are not eligible to compete until Saturday, September 16th at any level. If a student has moved in from another school district, make sure to check the transcripts from their previous school.

3.  RULES MEETING- The rules meeting is now available to be viewed by coaches.  A reminder that all varsity head coaches are required to view the on-line rules meeting by Thursday, August 24th at 11:59 PM in order to coach your team in the post season.  Please print off the verification page at the end of the meeting to share with your AD for renewal credits.  All other coaches can view the meeting and receive renewal credits for their coaching authorization.  Again, please print off the verification page at the end of the meeting and attach it to your coaching renewal authorization form.

4.  CHECK SCHEDULES- Please make sure to double check your schedule on our website under the football tab to make sure that the proper date, site and opponent is listed.

5.  QUIKSTATS- QUIKStats is now available for you to enter your rosters into.  The roster list has been prepopulated with the previous roster and all grades have been updated to show current grades.  All you need to do is delete any player that is not going out for football and add new players that have not previously been out.  Also, any number changes need to be edited as well.  Please make sure this is taken care of prior to your first contest.  Please include height and weight to the roster as this what is used when we get into the semi-final and final round.

6.  SCRIMMAGES-  Just a reminder that the scrimmages are limited to one scrimmage per high school football program.  You cannot have a junior varsity scrimmage against one school and varsity scrimmage against another school on the same night or a different night, nor can the varsity scrimmage at home against Team A, and the junior varsity scrimmage at Team B on the same night or separate nights.  No score is to be kept and no public address system is to be used to provide ball carrier information and tackles.  The clock can be used on a continuous basis to separate one squad from another, but should not be stopped.  Officials are allowed to work the scrimmage as well as a chain crew if so needed.  25 second clocks are permissible.  No admission is to be charged but gatorade, powerade, soap, towels, etc., can be donated for admission.  A new note for this year is that more than two teams are allowed at a site, but a team may only scrimmage one other team.  This will allow schools that share facilities to both host on a particular night.  Just a reminder that August 18th is the first date a scrimmage may occur for week 1 schools.   You do not have to scrimmage on that night.  You can have your one scrimmage anytime after the 18th.

7.  CONCUSSION COURSE-   All your high school football coaches  have viewed the concussion course through the NFHS by the FIRST DAY OF OFFICIAL PRACTICE.  We will continue to download the database three times a day so you can see the most current update in the morning, at lunch time and at the end of our business day.  There is a place on our website under the member school link for you to view what fall coaches have and have not viewed the course.  It is crucial that the BoEE folder number has been included.  If they used the same e-mail and password as last year, the folder number should already have appeared.   If you have a coach who is coaching without viewing the course, he/she is in violation of BoEE policies and is subject to penalties provided by them, which could include suspension or loss of coaching authorization.

8.   PRACTICE AND COACH-ATHLETE CONTACT-  Just a reminder that beginning with the first legal practice date, you are allowed 4 hours of coach-athlete contact, in which no more than 3 hours may involve physical activity.  You are still NOT allowed to bring athletes back a second time during the day for coach-athlete contact.  A typical practice may involve physical contact from 8 until 9:30 AM,  one hour of chalk talk, meetings, rehydration, rest, etc., and then 90 more minutes of physical contact from 10:30 until noon.  Coach-athlete contact is now complete for the day.  If the weight room is open and available for the entire student body to use, this time does not count toward the three hours of physical activity.  If it is football specific and only for football players, it does count toward your 3 hours of physical activity.

9. COMPRESSION SHORTS WITH PADS ALREADY IN THEM-   A  question in regarding athletes wearing compression shorts with the pre-stitched in tailbone, hip pads, and thigh pads and knee pads being worn during the first 5 days of practice.  Understanding that full "bring to the ground contact" is not allowed until day 6, those type of compression shorts are allowed to be worn during the first 5 days.  It is to be understand that no contact below the waist is permitted until full padding is worn on day 6.

9A. COMPRESSION SHORTS WITH PADS ALREADY IN THEM, PART II- In the past, the interpretation from this office has been that compression shorts with pre-stitched in knee pads were required to have knee pads inserted into the football pants in order to be legal.  This is no longer the case.  COMPRESSION SHORTS WITH STITCHED IN TAILBONE PADS, HIP PADS, THIGH PADS AND NOW KNEE PADS ARE LEGAL AND CAN BE WORN DURING FOOTBALL GAMES WITHOUT NEEDING TO INSERT KNEE PADS INTO FOOTBALL PANTS.  Basically, if these are purchased by your players, the only required safety equipment you need to hand out are football helmets and shoulder pads.

10. JERSEY NICKNAMES-  An editorial change was made a year ago regarding what can be placed on the jersey of the football uniform.  Only the school's nickname, school logo, or school name is allowed on the jersey.  Words such as "Pride", "Honor", "Tradition" "EMAB" are now prohibited to be placed on the jersey, either on the front or the back.  It is required that these words be covered up prior to your first contest.  There is no waiver that I can provide for these to be worn for the football season.  If you wear this type of jersey that violates this rule, you are to be issued a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty prior to the contest and if you receive a second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, an ejection is to occur.